Bad News.

sadSo we heard back from the RV sales place that we went to the other day and was notified that our credit wouldn’t allow us to get a deal with one of their banks. We thought about this when we went in but wanted to give it a shot anyway. The worst part is that we really think the trailer is PERFECT. I guess all we can do now is move forward and hope it doesn’t get snatched up. Building our credit up was already in the plan but now its just time to really step it up and penny pinch. I’d like all our debt paid off before we leave. Keeping our hopes up that things will just keep moving forward!


Maybe the right one.

Went to look at Rv’s this afternoon. We found a used travel trailer that’s perfect 2for us. Ran some numbers and it’s within our budget. We put through the paperwork and are trying to decide if we want to put down a deposit to hold the rv while they run some financing options. We just absolutely love the layout of the rv. It has a rear bunk house that will fit the kids and a space underneath one of the loft beds that’s suppose to be for storage but would work perfect for our dogs. Its spacious and it has a door to the rear of the camper so we could set some small fencing up for the dogs. We are really excited and pray that everything works out for us. Remaining hopeful.

Friends and Family.

When we thought about the “perfect” situation, we planned on waiting until our dream became more of a reality before we started telling friends and family about this. Mainly because we didn’t want all the negativity and doubtfulness. Now slowly people are finding out our plan, some positive reactions, others negative, and overall I think I’m okay with it. Everyone has their opinions of whats “normal” or whats acceptable. We just look out our lives and when we picture our perfect future, full time RVing is what we see. I know we will miss our friends and family but the BEST part about all of this is, because our home is on wheels, we can come home whenever we like! (And we don’t have to stay with relatives!) The more we talk and research the more we are obsessed and certain that this is what we want to do. I hope as our family and friends become aware of our plans they can be supportive.

Also a change to our plan…. Our lease is up in October (which I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before) so we will most likely be leaving then.

The planning.

So after talking about what we want to do, almost all day for the past few days, we came to the conclusion that we needed to have “a plan”. Usually some type of bumps come up along the way but we sat down and this is our goal. We plan to stay where we are until September, saving up as much as we possible can. We plan to run the daycare through the summer, which provides a really great income and for Babe to do some odd jobs whenever he can. We figure that we can at least save $20,000 by the end of September to get an rv or camper and a truck. The months before we leave we will be downsizing and selling pretty much everything in our house we do not NEED. Slowly getting ready to move into the RV. I think if we save every penny and really focus we can do this. We have a few ideas on how to make money while on the road but that’s still the most worrisome part I have about all this. Babes father in-law and Mother travel in a camper, about half the year, working with a construction group of some sort laying pipes, so that’s something we want to look further into. I know they travel quiet often and just follow where the jobs go. Bubby and Doodle are excited about this new idea and want to leave RIGHT NOW. All of this is just so exciting to us. We just need to make it happen. Time to do some more research! (I think I’m a research queen)

The Beginning.

As a result of some unfortunate recent events, (that are still in the process of being “resolved”) I’ve been thinking about my on and off again dream of full-time RV living. My boyfriend and I have talked about this many times before but for some reason or another we always push the idea aside.  A little back story on us……we’ve been together for 6 years. We have two beautiful children together, Bubby and Doodle. (Not their real names) Bubby, our son, is 4 (going on 14) and Doodle, our daughter, is 2. We started out our family young and unexpectedly but we’ve done everything we can to move forward. As of right now I’m a licensed daycare provider and he works part time at a gas station (looking for new employment). We just moved into our beautiful home (renting) in November 2014 by the grace of God and Babe’s (my boyfriend) hard work. He worked two jobs, 18 hour days, to get us out of our old place and somewhere, we thought, would makes us happier. Then we decided that him working that much was crazy and since the daycare was getting up and running we were making enough for him to stop. Life has been better here, that’s for sure, but I still dream of leaving.  Especially since my hours that I work are 7am-6pm and then I clean, dinner, get kids ready for bed, do it all over….every weekday. Weekends are just a scrambled mess of packing everything I want to do into two days, totally putting off housework, and stressing Sunday night to get the house spotless for daycare Monday morning. Not really how I dreamed it would be….

So anyway, since these “events” took place and made some things a little more difficult we are just striving and trying to come up with our “happily ever after” life. We realized that we had lost touch of what was actually important to us. We started thinking about what is going to make us happy, and then what do we need to do to make that happen. The main idea is what would we want from life, don’t worry about the how, just about the “what” and with faith and hard work we will make it happen. We will accomplish all our goals. Our goal is to live in a RV full-time with our family focusing on love, family, God, and being happy.