Friends and Family.

When we thought about the “perfect” situation, we planned on waiting until our dream became more of a reality before we started telling friends and family about this. Mainly because we didn’t want all the negativity and doubtfulness. Now slowly people are finding out our plan, some positive reactions, others negative, and overall I think I’m okay with it. Everyone has their opinions of whats “normal” or whats acceptable. We just look out our lives and when we picture our perfect future, full time RVing is what we see. I know we will miss our friends and family but the BEST part about all of this is, because our home is on wheels, we can come home whenever we like! (And we don’t have to stay with relatives!) The more we talk and research the more we are obsessed and certain that this is what we want to do. I hope as our family and friends become aware of our plans they can be supportive.

Also a change to our plan…. Our lease is up in October (which I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before) so we will most likely be leaving then.


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