The planning.

So after talking about what we want to do, almost all day for the past few days, we came to the conclusion that we needed to have “a plan”. Usually some type of bumps come up along the way but we sat down and this is our goal. We plan to stay where we are until September, saving up as much as we possible can. We plan to run the daycare through the summer, which provides a really great income and for Babe to do some odd jobs whenever he can. We figure that we can at least save $20,000 by the end of September to get an rv or camper and a truck. The months before we leave we will be downsizing and selling pretty much everything in our house we do not NEED. Slowly getting ready to move into the RV. I think if we save every penny and really focus we can do this. We have a few ideas on how to make money while on the road but that’s still the most worrisome part I have about all this. Babes father in-law and Mother travel in a camper, about half the year, working with a construction group of some sort laying pipes, so that’s something we want to look further into. I know they travel quiet often and just follow where the jobs go. Bubby and Doodle are excited about this new idea and want to leave RIGHT NOW. All of this is just so exciting to us. We just need to make it happen. Time to do some more research! (I think I’m a research queen)


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